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    Just spoke with my "contact" at TMO and he gets his info from the T600 product manager. The scheduled date is still 3rd week in November. TMO engineering has still not approved the device. He said the issue TMO engineering has with the device is after they sync to the desktop the unit resets and comes up with the message FATAL Error. The only way out is a hard reset.

    I asked him if this was only their verison or the GSM version in general, he didnt seem to know and I informed him that they were selling in Asia and Europe and it was unlikely that HS would allow the unlocked version out the door without this function not working properly. Possibly somone from the Asia crowd could confirm that theirs is working properly, Im assuming that the European version is fine seeing that we have not heard the complaints.

    So there we have it straight from the horse's mouth sort of speak :/
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    If that's true, it sounds like a software bug which would take the HS developers very little time to fix.

    Hopefully, the Treo 600 GMS unlocked version works with T-Mobile and Handspring won't wait for T-Mobile to sell their GMS phones.

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