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    For some reason, I can not log on to Blazer keeps sending but never "receives" anyone else have this problem or a solution... perhaps a settings issue.

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    I reported the same problem earlier and got no response. The only thing I can see that would create this problem is that Drudge is completely supported by pop-up ads and that may be causing a problem with loading the site. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.
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    dangit, it's that stinking left wing conspiracy again. they're blocking our good ol' 'we report, you decide' web sites!! bet you can get to cnn can't you!! LOL
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    It should load even if your t600 browser is having trouble with the JavaScript. My 180 even loads -- Love the work Matt does!
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    I have no problems accessing drudge on my 600
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    What URL are you using to get to it on your T600? I used to have no problem getting it on my Treo300 but for some reason the new blazer isn't working.
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    Well I'll be darned... 2 seconds after my last post I tried again and it worked. Perhaps the underground broke through the liberal conspiracy... Hmmm

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