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    The T600 is of course awesome but the lack of features and high price has me begining to consider a bluetooth combo.

    Consider the SonyEriccson T86i and the Sony TG50

    Especially if someone can create an app that allows me to have a conversation via a PDA connected bluetooth to the phone. The I can just use the phone as a remote antenna.
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    Actually the concept of a "dumb" bluetooth mobile handset is not a new one. Check out the following article:

    Also, there actually has been some interesting alternatives out there like this concept Samsung wrist watch phone with integrated bluetooth that was revealed at Cebit earlier this year. That would be great as a bluetooth acceess point for a wireless headset of pda imo...
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    I'm currently using a Siemens s56 and a T3. It's a great combo. However, I really believe in the smartphone platform and believe it will be the future of mobile computing. Mobile phones will continue to evolve with more features/capabilities and PDA's will continue to evolve with more communication features until what is commonly used is a small phone-based device that allows you to do most all that you would want while on the go. I'm waiting for the gsm version of the 600 and when it's here I'll evaluate what I get versus what I lose versus the two piece set up. Tired of waiting, though. I might even consider an MS smartphone if the OS is efficient and stable (must be much better than standard PPC OS).

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