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    ...just got to get me a SD card, but meanwhile I got Pocket Tunes & MMPlayer. I need to transfer some MP3's & MPEGS to the internal memory. Hotsync alone won't do it. Any programs out there that can do the job? Thanks...
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    Simply open the Install tool and press the "add" button...on that screen change the box that says file of types from "Palm Files" to "all files" and browse in your computer for the directory that has your mp3's in it, and add them. They default to the SD card. These instructions are in the pocket tunes online manual.
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    or save yourself a heap of time and spend $20 at Best Buy to get a SD USB reader. Hot-syncing described above will work but takes much much longer to transfer files.
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    He is asking how to transfer MP3 to the internal memory not an SD card.
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    I am trying to get files (mp3s) to the Treo 600 SD card but I don't see the "install" option mentioned above. At least, i don't have any way to browse to setup[ a new destination for files to be synched to. It does sound like the USB/SD device option would be th ebest route.

    What about stereo headphones for the Treo? Does anyone have recommendations on that?
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    He is asking how to transfer MP3 to the internal memory not an SD card.

    ...ooops, sorry. I see the problem, and can't remedy it. When you go into Applications, "Card" does not show the MP3's, it can only be seen by the MP3 player. I see the dilema. And the Install tool, does not give you an internal memory option with MP3's.
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    Download FILEZ and see everything
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    Well, I figured it out. Opening the Palm Desktop and using the "Install" feature alowed me to browse to my MP3 directory and transfer files to my SD card. Not blazingly fast but it worked pretty well. I can browse to the SD card on the Treo and see all of the MP3s.
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    For Linux users, or anyone else that's not Palm Desktop-enabled, you can use the excellent ZBoxZ software to transfer MP3 and Ogg files to the T600. is the homepage. Just "linbox" the MP3s on the Linux machine to turn them into .pdb files, then pilot-xfer or other tool to install them, then ZBoxZ to extract and move the files to the SD card for PTunes.

    Good luck!

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