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    I love the Treo. However, I miss...

    The screen turning off during a call.

    The ringer being loud enough to hear. The ringer, as other have mentioned, seems to be lacking.

    Being able to disable the app keys from turing on the device at all. I'm using keygurad, but I hate it.

    Easy access to vibrate/silent mode. Why doesn't the ringer volume buttons allow a top end of ringer+vibrate and a bottom end of first vibrate and then silent? Yes, the switch at the top will do either vibrate or silent depending on how you have it set, but sometimes I want vibrate (like in my pocket) and sometimes I want silent (like at the table, where the vibrate "sound" is annoying).

    Anyone have software solutions to these problems? It seems like the "phone" is just another application - anyone working on a replacement?


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    As for former i300 owner, I completely agree on all of those. Having the screen stay on during a call is especially asinine -- and probably dangerous when using the phone in a car at night (handsfree mode, of course). The battery life is already nowhere near the advertised -- ten days standby, ha! -- and having the screen on during calls doesn't help.

    I'll add one more thing I miss about the i300: being able to check the time on my phone on the top LCD screen!

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