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    As those of us fortunate enough to have 600s know, the latest Verichat very nicely integrates the 5-way nav pad. Here's a quick tip for doing a quick status (online, busy, whatever) select via the keyboard:

    When you highlight the status area via the nav-pad, and drop down the list of options (available, on the phone, whatever), you can jump to the one you want by simply hitting the first letter that corresponds to the status you want selected. Doing it this way is faster than scrolling down to the one you want and then selecting it.

    So - I highlight the status area, hit the nav pad to get the drop down, hit the letter of whichever status I want (like 'I' for Invisible), select it, and I'm done.

    This isn't a cure for cancer or anything, just a small usability tip that I uncovered. Feel free to add any others!
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    Is "invisible" status not a feature for an AOL ID? I don't see that option at all on mine.
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    doesn't look like it - I really think Yahoo has much better options and an overall better UI...

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