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    Hey, I have a questions about all the included messaging services. Is Sprint BC checking POP mail boxes almost equivalent to Snappermail?

    Is there anyway for Sprint BC OR Snappermail to use the actual PalmOS Contacts list like SMS does (or should, or will, when it comes out)?

    Actually I just figured out how to get Sprint BC to search in your palm contacts list. BUT when you type in a name, it only searches for LAST NAMES. So if I type in "peter", it finds "Sandra Peters" but not "Peter Smith"... Arrrggh.

    Is SMS essentially short emails, without attachments?

    I find the documentation and integration of all these tools pretty horrible.
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    BizConn does check POP mail accounts, like SnapperMail. BizConn also allows you to hook up to your work email, calendar, documents etc., if your company uses MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, or a POP-or IMAP-compliant server. (If you're accessing your work email, docs etc, then you need to leave your PC connected to the network; if you're just accessing POP mail, then you do *not* have to leave your PC connected).

    When you're just talking about POP email, SM has a few more minor features built in -- I've used it, and it's nice. But there are features I love in BizConn that aren't in SnapperMail, like the ability to log into a website (or Blazer) to access everything you can access on your Treo, and more. That's handy when you're near a PC and want consolidated access to all your POP accounts, or to work email + POP accounts. Also, basic file viewing is available free in BizConn, whereas more advanced file viewing is a premium service in SnapperMail.

    To your question: BizConn is integrated with the Palm Address Book. If you're addressing an email and want to add a user, you can quickly add that user from your Palm Address Book (if you're connected to MS Exchange or Lotus Domino, you can also look them up from your corporate directory).

    I don't think you'll find integration of SMS with nearly any email app -- except that with Business Connection, it's used to send new-message notifications to your Treo.

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