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    Trying to listen to music with the stereo adapter, I find that the slightest pressure on the plug causes sound to break up or drop out in one ear. I have to get it positioned just right to hear stereo. Is there anything I can do about this short of returning the Treo?
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    I have all kinds of problems with my headphone jack. It is very touchy and sometimes the sound stops coming out of the headphones, routed to the external speaker instead.

    I also have a loose piece in my Treo 600 that makes a rattling noise. I now believe that the two are related. My hypothesis is, whatever broke off inside by treo and is now rattling around is a part of the headphone port.
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    Well, if the jack problem is endemic, I may wait a while before complaining to see if there's an engineering change rather than risk replacing it with another unit that has the same problem.

    WRT the rattle: the power button next to the antenna is loosely fitted in its socket and may be the (harmless) source of your rattle. Try shaking the unit with your finger lightly on the button and see it that quiets things.
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    I believe the headphone problem is because most headphone plugs, and probably your adapter, have molded plastic around them that is wider than the diameter of the cutout in the Treo.

    I trimed the black plastic with a pair of cutters, and have had 0 headphone problems since then.

    Try it!


    PS - Of course, if you manage to cut through the cable or plug, then your results wll probably be less satisfactory.

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