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    Well folks, I was under the assumption (as Handspring stated before release) that the headset jack would be the same as on the Treo 300 (a 2.5mm Nokia jack). Apparently this is not the case.

    I bought a Jabra (not wireless stop drooling) wind up headset (cool the cord winds up when not in use).

    It plugs in and works somewhat but people say they can't hear me as well. It appears the headset like (treo 300 ones) has 3 black lines on the headset plug.

    The new treo 600 jack has only two lines. I don't think the fit is as snug.

    Can anyone else verify this 2 vs 3 black line on the jack and issues with old T 300 headsets or am I going crazy and just have bad luck?
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    Yes, you're correct the T600 uses the more standard 2.5mm jack. You can confirm this for yourself by looking at the headset that came with your phone.

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    The info that the headset jack for the Treo600 would NOT be the same as the Treo300 was released WAY before the phone was. The 600 now uses a 3 ring, 2.5mm jack which is what every other phone uses (except Nokia). I think this is much better. Now I can use the same headset on my Treo as well as my mobile phone.
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    Originally posted by CarlGalgano
    Now I can use the same headset on my Treo as well as my mobile phone.
    I think someone doesn't realize the Treo *IS* a mobile phone too. hehe

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