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    I installed BatteryGraph on my 600 last night. It seemed to work well, and might provide some useful information about the loads caused by various applications. However it does appear to drain the battery at an alarming rate - at least it is the main suspect at the moment.

    When I went to bed, the battery was 90%. When I got up this morning (approx 7 hours) it had dropped to 65% - a 25% drop overnight. The device was doing nothing that it didn't normally do overnight - in fact, it was doing a bit less as the Orange GPRS server appears to be unavailable most nights from about 10pm until who knows when in the morning - apart from having BatteryGraph installed.

    When I found this battery drop, I got BatteryGraph to display a graph of battery usage. This took about 30 seconds to display, and when I checked the battery after this, it had dropped another 4%.

    I have now deleted BatteryGraph, and the battery is holding at 60% (and has for the last half hour).

    On a related topic, when I delete applications I notice (using Filez) that there is usually an _appl_a68k file left behind. I can normally delete these, but BatteryGraph_BatG_appl_68k cannot be deleted as it is "Protected by the System" - this comes from FileProg as Filez merely states that there was an error.

    Similarly, I tried Switch5 a few days ago, but when I couldn't get it to do anything, I deleted it, and it has left a protected Switch5_MTam_appl_a68k file behind.

    Does anyone know of a way of getting rid of these files, short of performing a hard reset and installing everything again? I am somewhat anal about files being left behind after uninstalls, but if there is no 'easy' way to get rid of them, I'll ignore them.

    Thanks in advance
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    You need to do a soft reset first.
    Then you can delete those 'a68k' files.
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    Originally posted by rudychow
    You need to do a soft reset first.
    Then you can delete those 'a68k' files.
    Thanks! Now those files have gone, I can rest easy.

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