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    Allows you to take a 320 x 480 picture (choose non crop) and drag it left and right ... makes the Treo 600 show pictures beautifully! Try it!!

    Photogather for Palm OS 5.0

    Photogaher for Palm OS, a wonderful digital album on Palm with image editor, viewer ,browser and a picture taker built-in, makes it possible for you to view , edit and take photos anytime, anywhere.


    Image processing supported
    You can zoom in/out, rotate, flip and adjust the color balance of the pictures on you palm now

    JPG supported
    You can read JPG files from card and you can also output the result as a JPG file onto the external card.

    Ready for OS 5.0
    Now it supports different Hi-Density display mode.

    Tungsten 5-way navigation supported
    You can scroll the view of large picture with one finger on Tungsten.

    Clie Camera supported
    You can take pictures with NR70V or NX70V in this software.

    Hi-res and Hi-res+ display mode supported
    The software supports Sony's 320*320 and 320x480 color display mode.

    Large-size picture supported
    You can transfer large size picture such as a map to you palm and view it with smooth scrolling.

    External memory card supported
    That means that you can save large number of picture on MS or SD card and move them between cards and RAM as you like.

    Beaming supported
    You can transfer this ap and images with IR, bluetooth and etc.

    Multiple image file type supported
    You can read in JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TIFF and TGA directly. Large picture supported, you can display picture as large as you want.

    Multiple screen color modes for user's choice
    Photogather for Palm OS provides you true color, 256 color, 256 grey scale, 16 grey scale and 4 grey scale modes for choice to match your own Palm.

    Vivid color display supported by dithering algorithm
    You'll see photos of rich colors even though your Palm might support not that many colors.

    Super-sample algorithm
    Although most Palms' resolution is only 160x160 the super sample algorithm built-in can still guarantee a vivid and smooth demonstration of your photos.

    Plug-in compatibility
    You can easily transfer photos from your desktop version of Photogather to your Palm.
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    Anyone try this out yet?
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    Yes I did and it worked out great on the Treo 600!
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    Says, "No digital image device exists!" when I try to take a picture on my Treo 600
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    Are we supposed to be able to use it to take photo's or just view them?
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    Looks like it only supports two Sony Clie models, the NR70V or NX70V. I have a tough time considering the purchase of software that only has limited functionality.
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    I import pictures to the Treo 600 with Doc's to Go(Pic's to Go) and the pictures look better to me then Fotogather.
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    So, forgive me mgauss, but what is the point of using this software???
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."

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