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    Can anyone get to this webcast?

    EDIT: I found the .PDF which talks about the Treo 600 Smartphone on page 18 of 30

    Palm, Inc. today (10/21/03) announced that it has posted to its website the road show presentation titled "Defining Mobile Computing" that it is taking to institutional investors in anticipation of a stockholder meeting set for Oct. 28. The presentation relates to palmOne, Inc., the company that is expected to succeed Palm, Inc., pending a successful stockholder vote.

    The presentation comprises slides accompanied with narration from Todd Bradley, president and chief executive officer of Palm's Solutions Group; Ed Colligan, current president and chief operating officer of Handspring, Inc.; and Judy Bruner, senior vice president and chief financial officer, Palm, Inc.

    Bradley is expected to become president and chief executive officer of palmOne. Colligan is expected to become a palmOne senior vice president and general manager of the Palm Wireless Business Unit. Bruner is expected to become the chief financial officer of palmOne. Other palmOne executives include:

    -- Ken Wirt, Palm senior vice president and general manager of the Palm
    Handheld Business Unit;
    -- Angel Mendez, senior vice president of Palm Global Operations; and
    -- Jeff Hawkins, current Handspring chairman and chief product officer,
    who is expected to become palmOne chief technology officer.

    "We encourage all stockholders to view and listen to the presentation," said Bradley. "And we also encourage stockholders to vote."

    Palm, Inc. stockholders will vote on a transaction that would result in the spin-off of PalmSource, Inc., the Palm subsidiary responsible for developing and licensing the world-leading Palm OS(R) platform for handheld computers and smartphones, and the distribution of PalmSource common stock to Palm's stockholders.

    Palm stockholders of record as of Sept. 23 are eligible to vote on the transaction. Palm stockholders of record as of Oct. 28 are eligible to receive shares of stock of PalmSource.
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    The webcast works for me! Try copying and pasting the webcast link directly to Real or windows media. You have to register to get to the webcast...FYI, its only an audio webcast...
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