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    My husband says he's noticed more calls he makes to me going immediately to voicemail since I got my T600 (vs with my T300). In fact, one of them happened today when I was parked right next to him in a parking lot and had 2-3 bars of service! What should I do - take it to a Sprint store for diagnostics?
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    I've had a nagging feeling that this is the case for me too. I'm only going on 5 days so far, but I've dumped a few to voicemail when I KNOW I wasn't doing any data or anything and I had good signal.

    Anyone else?
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    Interesting to find this post. I, too, have been having trouble receiving calls.

    First, I discovered that my setting up of Snappermail with constant email checking was causing the phone to be "busy" - and doesn't allow calls to go to voicemail.

    Next people told me that they were getting a fast-busy signal

    I've been on the phone with Sprint numerous times and they haven't been able to identify any clear problems yet.

    bottom line is that people call my line and ocassionally get a fast-busy signal.
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    I'm kinda interested where you guys live since I used to have both problems in a severe way.

    I've been told that when the network is busy, incoming calls get a fast-busy signal. After Sprint upgraded their network I noticed it less but I still get occasionally get these problems

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