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    I've never used the new blaser, or any other new browsers, so I was just wondering if the T600 has an capabilities for flash on websites. I reak on MMplayers websites that swf is a upported format but I don'tknow if that works, plus I am just thinking about small flash on websites.

    Btw, is the browsing alot better? Like not just faster, but better interface, see more, but still organized and clean?

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    I don't think any browsers support it yet. The processor just currently got fast enough to support Flash, with the OS 5 and the strongarms. I've heard that Flash can work on the Palm OS and even the Treo 600, but it seems to be pretty brand spanking new stuff.
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    Good question guys -- FWIW, the reason Flash isn't included on mobile devices (speaking generally, not in the specific case of the T600) is that Macromedia's business model is to charge high prices to device manufacturers to place Flash on the device.

    No technical limitations on a device such as T600.

    They are trying a different business model for embedded devices than they use on the desktop -- on the latter, they make the player free to encourage end-user distribution, while selling the server/dev tools.
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    Flash is for Pocket PC, with full support. I don't see their business model as being a reason why Macromedia wouldn't bring it to Palm... - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage
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    Almost all OS 5 Sony Clies come preinstalled with Macromedia Flash Player 5, which was done on the initiative of Sony! I'm afraid there no equivalent for Palm/Handspring yet. There is a really old flash player, but it doesn't seem to have been updated for years:

    Unfortunately, I think we'll have to wait until PalmOne offers a Flash player update sorta like the Websphere J2ME update for the Tungsten line...
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