Yeah yeah, another thread talking about how great the Treo 600 is. But I have to let this one off my chest.

I've had my Treo 600 for just about two weeks now and I'm impressed by many things. But the thing I am most impressed by is its integration. Integration between the phone and the pda. Integration of the 5 way pad. It's amazing.

I tried the i500. Great device, great size. Horrible integration. Others have tried a separate PDA and phone with bluetooth. I've read some great success stories. But I can no way imagine it being even close to the usability of the Treo 600.

I push the button I have assigned to email. I get my email. I select the web with the 5 way pad. I'm now surfing the web. Verichat? I'm chatting. TreoSMS? You get the picture. When I want to do something, it works. And the 5 way pad works in every application I am currently using. I expect that many more applications will be supporting this VERY soon.

Overall, kudos to Handspring. I kludged things together to try and get the same things I now have with the 600. Is the device perfect? No way. I want to say that the screen is horrible. It isn't. The geek in me says that 160x160 is not acceptable. But it is; I just WANT it to have 320x320 for reasons that I used to think were important.

Say what you will. This device actually works and does what they said it would.