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    Well I am returning my T300 and getting the T600, but I can only do it at the Sprint store where I got my T300 and they aren't getting the T600 in for like a month or so according to their technician. He said, whenever you see it onsale at the sprint PCS website is probably when they wil get it. Anybody get theirs from a sprint store? Anybody know when they are gonna ship wide?

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    The tech can order one for you if they have it in the warehouse. They will ship it 3 day UPS to the store.
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    Seems like they shipped a few to some stores and none to others. I had two stores in the Portland, OR area tell me they had gotten two but had sold out. I found one store that had sold one and had one left. I went and got it this past Saturday. Most of the store had none and had no idea when or if they would get any.

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