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    My calendar application is crashing and causing the Treo600 to soft reset if I do the following actions. Don't know if there is something wrong with my phone or if it is a bug. Can someone check if the same is happening for you?

    I have an appointment written down for Nov 16, 03 at 4.00pm - Call John Doe. (This is the only appointment on that day)

    The sequence of events I do on Treo600.(Use the 4 way button and center button for moving)

    -Open Calendar
    -At the bottom there is the "Go" button. Click that.
    -Goto Nov
    -Goto 16 and press center button. You should be on Nov 16,03.
    -Press the down arrow. It will go to the end of the line for the 4.00pm appointment.
    -Now press the left arrow continously. When it reaches the begining of the appointment, if you press left arrown one more it will put you on Nov 15,03 page.
    -Now press the right arrow and come back to Nov 16,03 page.
    -Press the down arrow........... boom it crashes and resets my phone.

    I repeated this many times and is happening each time. Tried it on other dates with same set up and it is happening. (remember only one appointment on the page)

    Is this happening to anyone else?

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    I tried this multiple times, with appts both a day, week and month out and couldn't get the reset....
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    I pressed ##377 in the dial pad to find out the error log. This is what it says.

    A reset was caused on 10/21/03 at 9.22 pm while running "Calendar":

    Fatal Exception

    Any PalmOS guru's, what does this mean?

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    Originally posted by itlan
    I tried this multiple times, with appts both a day, week and month out and couldn't get the reset....
    Thanks for trying itlan. Can you try of the exact same thing that I wrote with an appointment(only one for the whole day) on Nov 16,30.

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    I tried it a few times too and didn't have the problem.

    Sorry to not be of help and good luck!
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    I backed up my palm desktop Backup folder and then deleted it. Performed a hard reset on Treo600 and started adding/updating the new Backup folder files with the old files that I backedup.

    First started off with updating the default Backup files and found that the crash was happening due to the Saved_Preferences.PRC file. I think this file got migrated from Treo300 with additional information for Treo600 and had some crap in it.

    Now my Treo is back to normal state with all the application I had before and calendar does not crash anymore. Time for a good night sleep now .


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