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    When I took my t600 off the charger this morning I noticed it was at a full 100%. I was just using it a little while ago and checked again and it still said 100%. Normally by this time of day given how much I use it, its normally at about 80%. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions to fix?

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    I had the same thing several days ago. I did a soft reset and it started working properly. Seems like it gets "stuck" every once in a while.

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    Thnx, that did the trick.
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    don't forget that if you consistantly charge (sync) your phone whenever you are at your desk it will hold its charge longer. The book talks about this...
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    Mine's stuck at 100% now; it also happened the other day; I've also had it stuck at 10% or so. Soft resets fix it.
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    Mine was stuck at about 10%. Worried me - a soft reset and I was at the true 100%.
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    I've had the same issue with the stuck battery meter. Is there any other way to fix it other than a soft reset?

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