I think now it is time.

We have been kept frustrating for months.

For me, I can wait but they just need to tell me when I can expect the product will become available, not just keep lying to me.

Keep postponing or giving us different impresssion will make us unable to plan our purchase and will just waste our time having to keep checking the news every day like crazy.

One can say "a week", "a few weeks", "soon", or anything they want. That could be said for a year because it's relative. The point is that HS needs to tell us whether it will be 1.1 week or 2.5 weeks from what and what date exactly.

the easier way is to just tell me that damn exact date when it will be available.

so that if it's too long, I can go buy other smartphones (however inferior to T600 in any respect, thumboard or whatever. I don't care).

Handspring persons, if u read this, please please tell us the exact date. there are other options for a customer like me - SE 900, SE 630, New Moto Microsoft Smartphone, Sendo X, etc. etc.

Stop hurting customers.