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    I'm currently with Cingular, it doesn't look like I can afford to wait a month for Cingular to offer the Treo 600.

    I noticed the Handsfree car kit will not work with Sprint.

    What are the other pros and cons between the two offerings ? (Sprint and Cingular). Are the phones actually different ?

    Is there another phone from another vendor that is comparable to the Treo 600 ?

    Thanks for the input.
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    I also had the Cingular 180. The decision to switch to Sprint was easy.

    Cingular - Treo 180
    Constant freezes when using GPRS
    Disconnections in middle of transfer
    Expensive bandwidth
    Slow slow SLOW

    Sprint - Treo 600
    None of the phone/data issues I was experiencing with Cingular/180
    Fast, 10Kbps vs 2Kbps with Cingular
    Better reception

    This is in SoCal, other areas may differ.
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    me a bit ... Maybe I can just live with using the earset.

    Does anyone have an idea how long it would take to get a Treo 600 (Sprint) through the HS webiste ? I would qualify for the upgrade of course.


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