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    I was wondering do the Xmaster hacks work with the t600. I have a t600 but i do not want to install anything on my brand new toy that may cause problems. I really miss my keycapshack...
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    The Treo 600 uses OS 5, and with that all the hacks we used to use won't work. (I really miss my Swatch Internet Time Hack). I don't believe X-Master or hackMaster is OS 5 compatible, but I know TealMaster is... and it supposedly is smart enough to tell you if a hack will work or not in OS 5.
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    Well, if i cold find anything that does the same thing as Keycapshack, i will be happy. Any ideas anybody?

    By the way... aside from the screen being too far to the left, i love my shiny new little toy
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    If someone wants to buy me a Sprint Treo 600, I'll get to work on KeyCapsHack for the 600.

    If not, I'll have to wait for the GSM model.
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