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    According to the site, whereas yesterday it said that ATT would be available "soon", today it says:

    "Mobile Phone service provider: AT&T Wireless

    Within the next few weeks we expect to ship a version of Treo 600 that is compatible with plans from AT&T Wireless. To get notified when our AT&T Wireless-compatible version becomes available, please sign up for our e-newsletter."
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    I spoke with a T-Mobile CSR today - he said the same thing - in the system, not available for a "few weeks", no details on pricing.
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    I have AT&T now (service is awesome), but just ordered the Treo 600 for Sprint. I'd be tempted to wait for GSM version, but how can you deal with AT&T's data rates.

    I get 25% off my monthly bill with AT&T as part of a foundation account, and data rates are still too much. With a Treo it seems like it'd kill the mb real fast.

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