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    Hi. I'd like to see if I can get a concensus here. If a few of you faithful readers can test out a setting for me, it'd help me figure out what's going on. I'm trying to set my button preferences so that the calculator app starts when you press "Alt-Envelope Button."

    I know it's *supposed* to work. But mine's not letting me. Really. When I try to assign Calc to any of the four such stays on whatever it was previously set at. Is yours?

    I know a workaround for this glitch would be to assign a one-key speed-dial for it. But my *preference* has always been to have the Calc pop up as an alt-Envelope response.


    If this is kind of a bug, who do you report things like this to?
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    Seems to work fine on my T6.
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    Seems to work for me as well.
    Sorry you're you having problems. Perhaps a hard reset and another try is in order?

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    This sounds obvious but did you go to <Prefs> then <Buttons> and check to see if that button is assigned to the Calc?
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    I have almost the same issue. I am unable to assign BaseJet to any button. I did notice that if I didn't have other programs installed, Calc would have been at the same position in the list as BaseJet (second). Maybe there is some issue with the second item in the list.

    For those who were able to assign Calc to a button, was it the second item in the list?
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    This is a bug in the Treo 600. Any app listed 2nd can not be assigned to a button. Install any app that appears alphabetically before Calculator, and POOF, end of problem. I've installed somerhing called Baggage and Luggage as a place holder to circumvent this until HS comes up with a fix.
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    All right. What are some other suggestions for useful apps that begin with A that are not useful enough to be mapped to a button? Needs to be alphabetically before BaseJet.

    (Can't find Baggage and Luggage)
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    That...has got to be the most arbitrary bug I've ever heard about. I just checked it out. You are dead on. I now conveniently have the AvantGo Connect app in 2nd slot, with the ~Vindigo~ app in the first slot.

    And here I thought my hard reset actually did something!
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    Holy CRAP! I was pulling what's left of my hair out trying to understand why I couldn't assign Biz Connect to an Alt + hard button! Unbelievable!
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