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    After beating my head about which provider to go with, I have decided on Sprint PCS because of its vision products and also because of the Treo 600. The only thing that had been steering me away was the Sony Ericsson 616 phone because it has bluetooth built in. I want it for the wireless headset option and also for my BMW because they now make a Bluetooth conversion kit, which is REALLY cool!

    Anyway, can I get a bluetooth card today that will work in the Treo 600??

    Thanks and I love this board!!
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    The bluetooth cards available today only run on Palm OS 4.x. Palm does not plan to update them for Palm OS 5.x. So these Palm branded cards are useful for buttering your bread for now unless you have an older Tungsten or Zire.

    There is an 802.11 card promised soon which would be way cool. Search for 802.11 or bluetooth for previous extensive discussions.

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