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    Does biz con push email to your device? Also.. can it retreive email and alerts in the background?

    if so... how does this work? since the t600 is not multitasking.

    anyone with bizcon please comment.

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    No, you have to sync to get the mail. biz con sends you a SMS message that email has come in, then you sync. You can set the device up to automatically sync at a schedule you define.

    I have heard you can sync while doing other palm functions. Have not tried it yet.
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    I am using BC version 6 for the Treo 600 and it DOES push e-mail to my device. There is, however, a problem with notification of new e-mail. If you have BC open (the screen can be off), it will vibrate and/or chime (you can set it) when new mail arrives. If you do not have BC running, then you don't get any notification although it still does sync in the background. You can set it up to send an SMS alert as well (which works whether or not BC is running), although I turned it off because it would sometimes take hours for the SMS to be delivered.
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    I need to check on that, as that must be a change from ealier versions. Or maybe my understanding of push is incorrect. Push to me means "Blackberry Style" where the notification and email are all one. On the 300, push meant send an SMS message, but you still had to tell the device to connect to BC to retrieve the message. If this is not still the case, I have been unable to get it to work. How is yours configured?

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    In version 6 for the Palm client:

    Menu...Settings...sync Prefs...

    Under the Schedule tab, the first line has a check box for "Push messages to my device" I have that selected.
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    I do also, but no mail comes unless I sync. Do you also have enabled scheduled sync checked?

    One note, before the upgrade I used to get my SMS alerts almost instantaniously. They now take forever. I wonder what is up with that.
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    If you're used to the Blackberry push you'll hate the BC "push". it's not a push but a triggered pull. what happens is that you get a new message. the BC app polls your mailbox periodically and sees the new message. it then sends a specially formatted SMS message to you Treo, which the BC app on your Treo intercepts. then it does a full sync.

    I believe the Good Technologies is the only true push solution for the Treo (and actually, this isn't true push either, but way closer than BC).

    Have you tried the RESET MAILBOX command in the Treo app ? this should straighten this problem out.
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    Originally posted by dmiller444
    I do also, but no mail comes unless I sync. Do you also have enabled scheduled sync checked?

    One note, before the upgrade I used to get my SMS alerts almost instantaniously. They now take forever. I wonder what is up with that.
    No, scheduled sync isn't checked.

    Yes, SMS alerts take forever. I've gotten alerts 4 hours after I had already read and deleted the e-mail message. That is why I turned it off (through the BC settings website).

    I am not sure why push isn't working for you. I never used a blackberry, but even though KKenna may be correct, it sure seems like push to me. I don't have to manually sync it, new mail just appears. This is good enough for me.
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    That is great. I will continue playing with it with high hopes!!!!

    It is also taking sometimes 4 hours. On my 300 with the last version, SMS messages came almost simultaneous with the message showing up in Outlook.

    Even though I had a BB, and was somewhat dissapointed w/ the push, I quickly got over it. 3 devices or 1. Math was easy for me.

    Thanks again....
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    They need to fix the alert notification issue..

    That is the biggest problem eith BizCon as unmless you haave the app running you have NO idea you have mail that came in.

    I have it on push.. It pushes, sometimes faster than my blackberry even... however sometimes for whatever reason it does NOT push.

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    Ok, keep in mind that I just got my 600 yesterday, Been on travel all last week so it was sitting in the box in my office, and I just upgraded to bc 6 this morning, I was not observant enough to realize it is pushing!

    Pretty cool! Good by SMS messages.

    Sprint never gets these things right on the first try, so hopefully next release!!!
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    dmiller444 - Just an FYI - There are many threads on the Push / SMS Alerts being really slow in the Communcations Forum... Long story short is there is a widespread problem and Sprint knows about it. It is the old "new version" syndrome and the shaking out of some kinks in the new software I suspect. My Push's were coming in around 5-20 minutes tonight so things ~appear~ to be getting better.
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    My "pushes" don't seem to be coming at all, or at least not anywhere close to when an email actually arrives in my work inbox. Isn't it supposed to trigger a pull right after the message arrives?
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    Could someone clear this up for me - to get "push" email on my 600, do I need to set all of the alerts on the BC website to be sent to my device, or is just selecting "push messages to my device" in the BC client on my 600 enough? I'm getting a bit confused....thanks.
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    Thanks MobileGhost- Boy there is such a wealth of info in these discussion groups, I wish I time to visit them all.

    grimo2- I have push selected, and the alerts. Have not tried changing that.
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    As discussed on SEVERAL threads...

    The PUSH seems to be working... it was down a little yesterday

    HOWEVER you will NOT get alerts (not the SMS alerts you activate from the website but the alerts when you get for new Business connection mail you set under sync preferences in the BizCOn Palm Application) UNLESS you actually have that program running (screen can be on or off but it has to be running.

    If you have any other program like calendar phone etc running it will sync BUT you will NOT be notified.

    Someone said they informed Sprint and they will probably get this fixed on a new release of the alm client coming soon.

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    Jettero - The pushed messages (or as some refer to them as triggerred pulls) should come in around ~10 minutes or less from arrival to your email server.... there are a number of servers inbetween that are processing the load and of course the OTA network to deal with. Peak hours of the day seem to be more problematic as the servers load up it appears.
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    Thanks -- maybe yesterday during the day was just a bad time. I'll try again.
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    Well I don't know if it's the network or me, but BC definitely doesn't "push" email to my Treo. I'm connected on the desktop, the "push" option is selected on the PDA, and I can sync fine manually -- but no email ever shows up on the handheld. So far Sprint's BC is looking like a huge bust to me.
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    OK, I guess I wasn't clear enough with my question. I am not asking about any audible or vibrating alerts regarding the email. I understand that this is currently not working if you don't have the BC client running on your Treo.

    My question is - do you have to have the SMS alerts set on the BC website in order to get "pushed" email? I know that an SMS is sent to your device, created a triggered pull of sorts, and that this should happen relatively quickly, but are all of those alerts that you set on the website independent of the "push" setting on the Treo 600 device itself? Will the push feature still work if I go on the website and turn off all the alerts, but then make sure my 600 says "Push all email to my device"?

    I ask because my SMS messages are still taking hours, and they don't seem to always coincide with a sync by my device, and it surely doesn't happen ~10 minutes. Maybe the update will help...thanks all.
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