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    I order the Fonegear but have not received it yet. They say it will be here tomorrow. I will let you know how it works.

    I just talked to a Jabra tech and they said the multi-adapter is bad if it is hanging up the call. So they are sending me another multi-adapter. I will let everyone know if it works.

    I will let everyone know what I like or not about both of these headsets.

    I can say I love the Jabra headset for the Treo 300 but so far not impressed with it on the Treo 600. So the wait for the new multi-adapter may answer the hang-up problem.
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    Interested in hearing what you thought of the fonegear vs freespeak. Still love mine.
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    Here's another option: the Bluetrek bluetooth wireless headset. Disclaimer: I'm on the BOA for the distributor - Goldlantern, but I'm the founder's "tester" for this product. Been using it for two great.

    So, some details: Bluetooth headset, with a "dongle" that attaches to the Treo's headset port. The headset fits easily over the ear, and the speaker rests outside your ear (nothing inside). Small boom mike that is relatively unobtrusive (note: my wife calls the headset my "Ohura" - if you don't recognize that, check out the original StarTrek!). The great thing about both the dongle and the headset is that they last a looooong time on one charge. I've spent several hours on the phone with this, and still didn't go dead. The headset supposedly has 10 hours of talk time...the dongle supposedly 4+ hours...can't verify that - haven't run out of juice yet. Good voice quality - both your and the other party's end. Easy to turn volume up and down.

    Now - the idiosynchracies: IGNORE THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Instruction manual written for those who want to pair the headset with other phones/dongles. The headset and dongle come already paired. Here's the key to working this: in order to keep the battery life long, they have set up the dongle as a "gateway" to the phone. So, that means you have to answer the phone from the headset (not the phone). If you answer the phone, then link the headset, it will disconnect the call. Also, you need to disconnect from the headset (or remember to press any button on the headset after you've disconnected). This lets the headset and dongle stay connected, but not drain batteries...otherwise the two would think they're still on a call. A little confusing, but once you get the hang of it, it works pretty well.

    You can get them on ( or at Fry's. has a $60 rebate, so final price is $79.99. They come with AC charger, CLA, multiple cables for different phones (in case you change your phone later), leather-like ( ;-) ) carrying case for the headset. They work well...I'm not going back to the freespeak!
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    I got the new Jabra Headset and it did not work ether. I e-mail the tech support back again and have not got an answer yet. So I can say it does not work.

    I got the Fonegear one and it did not work at all. It was just bad. I am waiting for a new so I can see if it works. Man they are slow getting this returned to me.
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