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    After using the phone for a week, and really raving about it, this past weekend, I started having increasing difficulties with connecting to PCS Vision or making / receiving voice calls. The signal meter would go from 4 bars to 1 bar to 4 bars to 0 bars when the phone was sitting on my desk in the space of about 5 seconds.

    Starting Monday morning, I was able to make only 2 PCS vision connections through to this morning - and no incoming calls or outgoing calls unless I was on digital roam. The error message on PCS vision was that "No data service is available in your area", and when making an outgoing call, I would get "dialing" on the screen but no sounds, and after about 30 seconds it would drop back to the keypad.

    Checked in with the local Sprint store (Woodland Hills CA), and I was told I was the second who came in this morning with the same problem - and they said a replacement Treo would have to be requested since they didn't have any in stock or would have for 2 weeks.

    Am trying to get Sprint CSR to process replacement and RMA details for this Treo 600.

    Curious to see if others are starting to experience the first off the line type of bugs.
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    My Treo600 would not connect to Vision all morning. I called customer services and they said there was no outages. (As if they ever have a clue about anything. ) I drove over to my wifes office at lunch to see if her phone would connect to vision. The first try nothing. I looked at my watch and it said exactly noon. I tried it again and it connected. I pulled my Treo out of my pocket just in time to see it hand shaking with vision. I'm guessing their service was down all morning and came up at noon? Your problem may be outage related also.
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    I see this kind of thing occasionally too. Changing the handset is a poor response from Sprint. It wont make a whit of difference if the handset connected before and was correctly provisioned.

    I have seen Vision go down for as much as a day in my area. Sometimes I drive about 5 miles away and I am back on the air. I presume it is due to local server or tower maintenance. I dont think this kind of work ever gets centrally communicated to the Sprint call centers unless it is a huge locale-wide issue.

    Replacing the handset will usually cause enough of a delay for the problem to be remedied but the perception for you is that the new handset fixed the issue.
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    Same problem here. Vision seems to be down 25% of the time I attempt to use it ( San Jose, CA ).
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    I dont have a TREO but here in Salt Lake City, vision seems to not work AT LEAST 50% of the time. The reason I got sprint was cause of vision and all it can do but now I am scared to even purchase a TREO and have it not work.

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