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    I've been trying to find a place to test-drive the T600 before putting up the cash to buy it. However, no stores (Sprint or other) have any in stock.

    Anyone know where to try one on for size -- preferably in the Berkeley/Oakland area?

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    I know the Sunnyvale Store on El Camino has a demo unit out. None in stock though. But at least you could play with one.
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    If you fail to find one in a store, you could probably spend some time playing with mine. I live in Oakland.
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    My brother-in-law manages the Radio Shack in Emeryville, and he says that only Sprint stores and the Sprint web site have them so far. If you hear that they have them at Radio Shack buy it from him, though!
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    Thanks for the info all. I'm still hoping one will show up at a Sprint store soon -- although they all say 3-4 weeks until they expect more.

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