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    Anyone have luck with Liberty, Nesem or Xcade on the Treo 600? If so, how well do they run?
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    Liberty crashed. Phoinix (another GB emulator) ran, but the controls were still based on older palms, so you couldn't use the dpad. Nesem ran, too, although the NES has a larger screen than the T600-- so the display has to be scaled down. Still playable, i think-- but again, you can't configure it to use the d-pad or any of the keyboard keys. Just up, down, and the 4 standard palm buttons. Here's hoping newer versions of these two emulators fix the issues.

    Haven't tried xcade. I'll check it out.

    Anybody have a color gameboy emulator? Both liberty and phoinix are original b+w gameboy only. GBC emulation is perfect for this device, since the screen was exactly 160x160. Sega Game Gear? That would be ideal-- great games, and the display was almost exactly 160x144 or something, so it will fit without squishing on the t600 screen. I believe this is what the sonic game from palm is, essentially-- an emulated verison of the old GG sonic ROM, but they only offer Sonic and a few other games.
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    Xcade either resets my treo or displays all funky and won't play roms.
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    The game gear emulators are based on the Tungsten 5-way pad and run in 320x320 mode, so I don't think they'd currently work on a Treo. I do remember seeing someone made a patch to make them work on sony clies. It probably would be more difficult to get them to work at 160x160 resolution though. I also remember seeing a website that had a method to patch any of the games so that you could use any other game gear rom on it. you would just have to make a new file for each game or something. However, sega made the site take this down because of copyrights.

    Also, the people behind the liberty game boy emulator ( are writing a native ARM version of liberty, and supposedly are working on a gameboy color and possibly even gameboy advance version.
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    xcade is the same, designed to work on 320x320. The developer says on his discussion board that he'll look into making it display on the 160x160 t600, but that it may not look so hot.
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    I did test the Sonic rom, and no dice. The program doesn't even attempt to run, and just comes up with "Error running ARM code." I'm going to send the developers a message to see if they will fix it.
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    NesEm also runs on my Treo 600 and I am able to map the DPad in all directions. However it runs a little slow alot like Phoinix on the Treo 300 without overclocking.
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    Ok, I'm dying to know how you mapped the dpad in NesEm. You can set "up" and "down" on the NES dpad to be "up" and "down" on the treo 600 dpad, but you can't map the NES "left" and "right" to the treo 600 "left" and "right" dpad buttons. You have to map L&R to two of the other standard palm buttons. Which, of course, makes playing some games a giant pain.

    Is there some special key sequence needed to get it to recognize L&R on the treo600 dpad?

    Games where you don't have to go up and down much (like joust-- left, right, and one button) are fine, but playing something like pac-man that needs full freedom is a pain.

    The sonic ROM failed for me as well-- but there's no technical reason that game shouldn't run nicely. The treo screen is large enough to run GameGear games without scaling. I suspect they just need to make some minor adjustments to support the 600, but the big question is "will they bother?"
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    I emailed the author of NesEm last week about the Treo 600 and he said there would be a version just for the treo 600 coming in about a month. I'm not sure what is so special about it, probably better support for the screen, hopefully optimized for the OMAP processor.

    The Treo 600 not having the 320x240 screen really does suck, hardly any Palm 5 apps work on it.
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    When you map the DPad in Nesem it looks like it isn't mapping but on mine at least it actually does map it. Before you map "Up" for example it says "Up" afterwards it says "UP (Up)". After you map "Left" and "Right" using the DPad it doesn't say anything different and there is no indication that left and right have been mapped. However start your game and it should work.
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    Just verified this-- you *CAN* set left and right to dpad left and right. The GUI WILL NOT update, so whatever key was already in for left and right will still be displayed. But the keys will work in the game.

    And you will have to reset to exit sometimes, although it seems to happen much more now that i've mapped left and right.

    Who knows. Good news that a new version of NesEm with t600 fixes and features is coming-- I read that a new version of Liberty is coming in a month or two as well, optimized for ARM devices and with GBC support.
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    Any futher information on this?

    - I checked and there looks like a beta version of NesEm is out. (no 600 to test it on)
    - I cant find anything besides one little blurb about an ARM version of Liberty that was posted like 5 months ago.
    -- I emailed them asking how development was coming along.

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    WoW, this post is old. Anyways, Ill shed some light for you. Right now I have Gizmo and Nesem purchased from Kalemsoft and they work GREAT. Gizmo's screen size is perfect, runs almost all games, when you put the speed at max, it runs at about full speed with a little framerate loss, but it totally rocks. See for nesem though, you have to buy it, then dl the 1.4beta. This ROCKS just like Gizmo for the treo. They rescaled the screen size to fit the treo. Some of the text it a little cut up but the games reun great and emulation speed is a vast improvement, like gizmo on most games. For some reason games like mario and sonic run the slowest, huh. Anyways most games I run ran bueatifully, little nemo, contra.... Anyways these two are wonderful for the t600, I dunno about the other stuff. STRONGLY RECCOMMENDED.
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    I have downloaded trials of NESEM and Gizmo but cannot find the roms to even test them out. Whe
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    I have Gizmo, and I even have my old Game Gear somewhere in an old storage box ...

    Where can I get ROMs? Can I easily convert my cartriges to soft ROM?


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    Originally posted by dbouchon
    Where can I get ROMs? Can I easily convert my cartriges to soft ROM?
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    Gizmo works for many games on the treo 600... but shining force does not work yet. However they are working on it.

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    This may be obvious but can you use/convert mame roms with either Gizmo or Nesem?

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