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    Actually, specifically states that logging in as root user will NOT always solve the install permission problem.


    FIRST I uninstalled Palm Desktop and hid my Documents/Palm folder, but still got the error message.

    Then I trashed Library/application support/Palm Hotsync AND Library/Preferences/Palm and THEN I was able to install.

    So it looks like there needs to be no trace of the original Palm install on the computer. (that's why people who are installing for the first time are not having problems).

    Thanks everyone!

    (Now let's keep yelling at Handspring to support photo conduit for OSX...)
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    The installer for Palm Desktop on OS X relies upon Stuffit. Stuffit (Alladdin) just released an updater for it which addressed issues with UNIX permissions. Looks like the Stuffit engine installed by 10.2.8 was flawed - version 8.0.

    My friend updated his Stuffit engine and hey presto! it installed. Can anyone else try this and see if it is the magic bullet?

    Location of updater 8.0.1:

    1. Install the Stuffit 8.0.1 updater
    2. Try the HS installer again
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