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    Has anyone tried using VersaMail to access email? Does it work? Any observations on how well it does the job?
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    It mostly works, but is awkward to use because it doens't take advantage of the five way pad. Everything is very stylus oriented.

    The only thing I found that didn't work was that whenever I would select "mail servers" in the menu, it would reset the Treo. However, you are able to set up your mail.

    Hopefully they will have an updated version that is more T600 friendly.
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    I tried a couple of programs:

    I used to use Eudora on my Treo 300, but on the 600 it didn't draw the screens properly, and I had to keep switching between mailboxes to make that work.

    Then I tried Snappermail but couldn't get it to accept the smtp server (I use and the pop is but the smtp is - well it never wrote that to the account settings, at least on the demo. I wasn't going to buy it to see whether it worked on the full version.

    After some hesitation I bought versamail and it works great. The only issue I have is that it won't auto-disconnect after a manual or automatic check, which I would very much like, to conserve battery on those long days... It is checked in the advanced preferences. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    I have been running VersaMail 2.5.1 on my Treo600 since I got it and it works great. It will even automatically retreive your emal then notify you. You have to use the space bar on the keyboard to scroll to the next message. There is a way to do almost everything without the stylus, you just have to experiment.
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    Thanks for the responses. How does it fetch email? Does it sync in the way BizCon does, or is it a fetch the way snappermail does it? Trying to determine if I should use VersaMail vs. BizCon. I need the emails to be in-sync.

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