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    Originally posted by JTREOB

    i can get the vibration alert with snapper no problem. i can not consistantly get the audio alert with keyguard on. others have complained on this issue as well.

    let me understand this, your getting audio alerts consistantly when the keyguard is on? no problems?

    have you any idea when treo alert for the 600 will be released?
    asked and answered by snapper via email. " handspring did NOT provide a way for app developers to access the sound and vibration features of the new treo 600. we at snapper are working on way around this. in the meatime, i recommend you update your version to 1.85." i would imagine this is precisely why pda apps. isn't out with their treo alert for the 600 yet as well. you would think handspring would know better. i beginning to believe that hanspring just didn't give a dam about fine tuning this phone since their future was destine for distinction and as Jeff Hawkins has already stated " we had to get it out"
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