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    I'll be carrying my Treo around in my pocket (nothing else in there - no pens or keys), and was wondering if anyone's experienced any screen scratches so far. I remember reading a post somewhere saying that the Handspring people made the 600 screen very tough, and that they found it impossible to scratch even after dropping from a foot or more high onto an irregular hard surface. I looked at what people have written here so far about screen protectors, and everyone's assuming the need for one. Anyone have any actual experience with a scratch yet?
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    I usually have it in my pocket, sometimes with change and a money clip, so far no scratches at all after a week. I bought a screen protector for it anyway a few days ago just to be safe. Screen seems very tough.
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    I would rather not take the chance, and will buy some screen protectors, if I can find anywhere in the UK that sells them.

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