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    Thanks in advance for anyones help.......I was planning on purchasing Pocket Tunes MP3 player for the Treo 600 but my question is.........Will it only play through headphones - or can you listen to MP3's through the external speaker. Thanks!
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    It comes out through the rear speaker. It ain't high fidelity, or stereo, and kind of reminds me of an old transistor radio, but it works well enough and is loud enough to hear and enjoy.
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    Yes, you can listen through the external speaker. It isn't stereo, of course, but it doesn't sound bad.
    Also, when you register your 600 with Handspring, you can get PocketTunes as a free download.
    Pablosbrain has made some really nice skins for PocketTunes just for the 600. The web site is
    Thanks, Pablo!
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    Where do I register? I bought mine from HS. Could not find any place to download this SW. - thx
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    Pop in the CD that came with the 600. It's one of the options in there.
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    thx- Didn't even use the CD. Treo sync'ed up great w/ existing desktop....
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    How do you get PocketTunes to play through the external speaker? It works great with the headphones, but I don't see how you turn on the external speaker for music....
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    Turns out I had the phone on vibrate so the speaker wasn't on.

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