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    We are currently using the Treo 270 and we are really pleased with it. The only major drawback we have had with it is the occasional lockup/freeze. These seem to be totaly random and I have been looking for a solution for a while. Now when the 600 is out I wonder if anyone have had the same problem with their 600? I know it has just been released but anyway...

    Thanks in advance!
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    Unfortunately I have to report that I got mine yesterday, and have had it freeze twice - sorry.
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    Anyone else who had any problem? I guess we will have to buy a couple in order to test them ourself.
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    Another poster on a different thread here in this forum mentioned that TMobile testers of the GSM TREO 600 had their TREOs freeze - I think - after/during a syncing operation and this was why TMobile had yet to approve the TREO 600 (and thus its delay).

    Though one can obviously never trust single datapoints when trying to get the whole picture, there is thus anecdotal evidence that "freezing" is present in the TREO 600.


    Note - someone responded to that other post by saying something like "should be a quick fix".


    If the programming is done in some sort of standard manner than the fix will be long and drawn out - from actually finding it, to testing it by the programmer, to testing it by Quality Assurance, to release.

    One problem with lots of programming, especially team programming on event-based systems, is that amazing amounts of almost-indecipherable "spaghetti code" is written by inexperienced junior programmers who, by their very nature, are transient at best (especially during these job-cut times (remember - 100+ employees are losing their jobs soon if not already due to "the merger")).

    Going in and "fixing" an obscure problem - indeed, just tracking down what might be an intermittent glitch, can take significant time.

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