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    Well, add me to the list that had problems with cookies but is now working fine after HARD reset.
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    hey great! go to filez delete cookie file, hard reset and then sync. all is well, no problem right? the fact is, i've had to do this 4 times now in the past 6 days. what a joke.
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    Originally posted by Boodles
    Does it matter whether you use FileZ to delete the Web Cookies, or just use the Delete function in the launcher? Any difference?

    Thanks, guys and gals.
    I had never been able to browse any website requiring cookies. There was no Web Cookies file to delete from the Apps -> Delete.

    Based on other suggestions in this thread, I downloaded FileZ, and the web_cookies file shows up in FileZ. After deleting the file, I'm now able to browse websites. Yippeeeee! Many thanks for those who contributed to the discussion and solution.
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