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    Is there an adapter to play MP3's through a car tape deck yet?

    Anyone have information on one? Can you buy a regular cd type?
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    Originally posted by davieravie
    Is there an adapter to play MP3's through a car tape deck yet?

    Anyone have information on one? Can you buy a regular cd type?
    Get an iRock and skip the deck (plays through FM radio)
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    Get a cassette adapter and plug it into the stereo headphone adapter for the Treo 600... Works for me...
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    thats what i was wondering! so i can just buy an adapter for a portable cd player and it will work?

    that would be cool... it doesnt have to be special in any way?
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    Nothing special- once you have the adapter, you can plug it into any source...
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    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is a cassette adaptor I am interested in getting something like this for my treo and also MP3 palyers
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    If you buy a cassette adapter, make sure you save your receipt. Some folks (including myslef) have had trouble with various models. The radio shack cassette adapter seems to work. I prefer the irock since that lets me play my mp3s any place that has a radio. For example my girlfriends car, which has a CD player and not a cassette player, or rental cars with sometimes only have radio.

    A cassette adapter allows you play most devices with a headphone out jack though a cassette player. It basicaly looks like a standard cassette with a wire that you plug into the headphone jack of your car.

    Take care
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    Or you can get an iRock Modulator

    This will transmit the output of the Treo to ANY FM radio.

    it works great...
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    How does the IRock sound? (Don't you lose audio quality by modulating/unmodulating it?)

    Boy, wouldn't an SDIO IRock be nice?
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    Originally posted by wilme2
    How does the IRock sound? (Don't you lose audio quality by modulating/unmodulating it?)

    Boy, wouldn't an SDIO IRock be nice?
    yes you do lose a lot of quality. that's why these never got popular.
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    Originally posted by MikeRadio
    Or you can get an iRock Modulator

    This will transmit the output of the Treo to ANY FM radio.

    it works great...
    Unless of course you're in a more Urban area where most of the frequencies available to the modulator are already in use or bleed over from the adjacent station. There is a modulator on the market that allows you to use any station (don't remember the name but know that it was reviewed over at the-gadgeteer. Sorry, don't have time to look right now).

    One question I have however is, what happens when you receive a call while a modulator or cassette adapter is connected? Not having yet seen the plugs on the 600, I'm wondering if the stereo output is the same as that of handsfree headset. If this is the case, would you not have to disconnect the adapter everytime you wanted to answer a call?

    MP3 players are coming out now with the built in ability to transmit to an FM radio. I'm still waiting for this to be a built in function on a smartphone.
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    The iRock SERIOUSLY degrades quality, but it's cool to be wireless. I have the one BB sells(soundstream, or something) it doesn't work, side note, it has a dial that you can "tune" into whichever station you want. This is annoying, it is hard to get perfect, and requires adjustment often.
    I like the irock, as it's portable, and until I get a new cassette adapter, it'll do just fine. It just makes the output seem lame.
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    How is the iRock powered? Can I plug it into the cig lighter, or does it have to have batteries?

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    My Sony car Cassette adapter will not work plugged all the way into the Treo stereo adapter. It will only work plugged half way in and then I only get sound out of one side of the car. I did find a work around. I conected a spiltter to the Treo headphone adapter. Conect earphones to one female and the cassette adapter to the other female and it will trick it into working. I can not figure out way it will not work without the workaround? I am going to try the Radio Shack one.
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    please let me know how the radio shack one works out...
    anyone else know of one that works?? without this silly workaround?
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    Hi all,

    I've tried an AIWA, RCA and Radio Shack cassette adapter with the stereo adapter from Handspring.

    The AIWA and the RCA did not work at all. Sound came from the telephone speaker and completely ignored the cassette adapter.

    The Radio Shack adapter (tried two of them in case one was defective) worked in that sound did go through the cassette adapter and played out of the car stereo, however, the left channel seems to be funneled through the right speakers on the stereo and the right channel seems to be lost altogther. If you switch the balance controls over to the left speakers in the car, you barely hear anything at all. Only the right speakers have any volume.

    In addition, the Radio Shack casssette adapter keeps causing my stereo to try and flip the tape over to the other side and keeps ejecting at random intervals. Other cassette adapters have not done this, though they don't work with the Treo 600.

    Has anybody been able to find a solid solution to this yet? I'd appreciate specific recommendations for a brand of cassette adapter that seems to really work with the Treo 600. I prefer the cassette adapter over an FM broadcaster in order to avoid yet another device that needs power.

    thanks for any advice!
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    I have the Irock and the quality is varible. I believe the problem is that the Irock is an analog transmitter. There are a couple of digital transmitter/modulators on the market:

    Audia X:

    C. Crane:

    They are more expensive ($69-79), but should in theroy work better at holding the signal (especially with digital tuners, which are in most cars these days).

    Has anyone tried these? how's the quality?

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    The AudioBug from Aerielle has gotten some good reviews: - $35-40 at most places I've looked.
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    Glad to see *somebody* got it to work. Mine doesn't seem to like to play nice with the cassette adapter. When I plug it into the T600 Stereo Adapter jack, the Treo acts as if it doesn't have anything jacked in. i.e.: it plays the audio out of the built-in speaker-phone speaker.

    Y'all realize, you can use this to hear callers' voices through the car stereo too, right? Isn't that cool?

    I'm off to radioshack this week, see if my cassette adapter is defective. I think not, though, since last week, I had my MP3 player playing through it.
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    I'm using an 3 year old cassette adapter that I picked up in some French car store. Works great with the angled headphone adapter.

    After reading this thread I've done some tests with making phone calls using this setup. The calls comes through crystal clear on the car speakers, and PocketTunes is automatically paused with incoming and outgoing calls. The reception at the other end was roughly the same as with real handsfree car kits (I have to go by what the people that I called said).
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