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    Sombody else posted a note about using a Y splitter on the 1/8" jack side and having success, so I tried it.

    It works great. May seem like a lot of trouble to go to just to get sound out, but the result is very worthwhile.
    - Plug the 2.5mm to 1/8" adapter into the phone.
    - Plug a 1/8" stereo headphone Y adapter into the 2.5-1/8 adapter.
    - Plug a cheap set of non-powered earbuds into one side of the Y adapter
    - Plug a cassette adapter into the other side of the Y adapter
    - cassette adapter into your car player and stereo sound from the phone works great.

    In fact, it works wonderfully has a hands-free kit! The mic on the phone kicks in when you make or receive a call and I didn't even have to pick up the phone to use it. Left the phone on the seat and the other party said they wouldn't have even known the difference if I didn't tell them about it!

    Leads me to believe that there is a different resistance on the headphones than what is found in the cassette adapters (since the cassette adapter is going to be electronic -vs- having to push coils in the headphones). Plugging in the set of headphones changes the resistance on the line, notifying the phone electronics to switch to the stereo output.

    So... i'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard to make a little adapter with some resistors in it to match the headphone signature the Treo is looking for. Combine that with the cassette adapter instead of assembling the whole Y adapter mess.

    Any thoughts? Until then, I'm keeping the Y adapter setup! It works just like my OnStar system does! Listening to audio books on the Treo, call comes in, hit the Answer button and start talking into thin air!

    thanks all,
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    Originally posted by clorenger
    How is the iRock powered? Can I plug it into the cig lighter, or does it have to have batteries?

    There's 2 irock models - the 300 is battery-powered, the 400 is both battery powered and cig lighter power, and comes with the adapter. Radio Shack sells the 300 model for $30, and Fry's has the 400 with adapter for $30 as well, so the 400 is a much better deal, especially in the car I don't have to worry about batteries, though I have that option if I took it out. As I said in the other thread, I have the 400 and it works as advertised, and the quality is like listening to the radio, so if you can stand that, then the irock is just fine. I bought it for pocket tunes, but as many have said in this thread, I discovered that it works great as a handsfree car kit. I thought by plugging in the headset adapter that the speaker and microphone on the T600 would be disabled, but surprisingly the microphone still works with it pluged in. Now I get calls through my car speakers and can speak comfortably without a headset. I've seen car kits go for $100s but this only cost me $30. Thanks for the irock idea guys!
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    I'm an Irock guy as well, and I think the sound is just fine. I crank up PocketTunes pretty heavily, and while I'm no major audiophile, the sound is great to me.
    And, yep, having an in-car speakerphone kit is just a side bonus to it all, and callers tell me I sound fine.
    I think it's a great arrangement - no more earbuds or holding the phone to the head.
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    I'm considering the AudioBug from Aerielle, mentioned earlier in this thread, based on its reviews

    It's $40, plus an additional $12 for the battery pack that they say provides 160+ hours.

    My understanding is that incoming calls will work fine over the speakers in my car, in combination with the mike on the phone. If I want to make OUTGOING hands-free calls, would I have this same functionality? Has anyone tried this with the AudioBug or the IRock?

    The AudioBug shuts down after 80 seconds without a signal, so if i have the unit engaged without actually playing an audio file, it wouldn't seem like I'd be able to use it as a hands-free alternative.

    Also, can anyone comment on the IRock's preset FM frequencies in the New York City area?
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    Works the same for incoming or outgoing calls. Same way either direction.
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