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    Just got my T600. There is a rattle inside when the unit is slightly shaken. Seems very odd that such a compact device would have something loose inside. Sounds almost like a little ball or screw that is laying loose inside. Does anyone else's T600 have this?
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    you might check that...they are a little loose..inherent in the design
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    its been covered before. mind does the same, its just the power button on top. if you hold it while shaking there is no noise.
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    Thanks. Yep, that's it. The power button. Glad its not something else inside. Maybe I can wedge a tiny piece of rubber in next to it or put some clear tape over it. Rattles like that annoy me. I'll probably just get used to it.
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    Mine had the power button rattle but then developed another rattle inside which sounds exactly like a little screw rolling around. My replacement is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow.
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    I have to ask... Is everyone's ringer on/off slider switch as hard to slide as mine on the 600? The only way I can slide it back and forth is with a fingernail pushing under the side of the switch. IMO, they did a better job on the 300 with the top button and slider switch than they did on the 600.

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