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    Is the app Splash ID any good? Thoughts, reviews please. Is it truly secure? Anyone know what the chances of a catastrophic crash/permenant data loss are with this app? I'm looking for a new security database app. May even try Cloaker (Chapura).
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    i love it I have been using it since last Feab, never a problem and my wise guy newpews ages 13 & 15 could get into it when I asked them to try. I have no idea how safe it makes it, LOL. Take care, Jay
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    I've been using it for a while... it is ok. I think that the desktop UI is kind of clunky but it does what it is intended to do.
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    Here's another rave review for Splash ID. I couldn't live without it. I use it for absolutely everything from my credit card numbers to my car's vin.
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    I use Splash ID for everything too. I log birthdays, credit card accounts, frequent flier numbers, web logins, brokerage accounts, medical and dental insurance information, YOU NAME IT.

    And I believe the best feature is the conduit. If you have a hard reset and lose everything just hot sync and you get it all back. In addition, once you enter your registration number into the desktop program it comes back as well. You don't have to look it up and reenter it in your handheld.

    Great program.
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    I tried SplashID but found a better alternative IMHO...

    I like 3nity Password Keeper...

    3nity is a password keeper with nice graphics. Very simple to use, quick, no stylus needed, secure, password manager. No need to take out your stylus for viewing all your passwords and private data. It's very secure (128bit). Use it to store your passwords, credit cards numbers, secret telephone numbers, registration codes, bank accounts and anything else you want keep safe but accessable.

    Your locked passwords database is backed up to your desktop computer upon hotsync so they're never lost even after a hard reset. Export/Import all your passwords to a memo, if you want to edit your passwords on your desktop computer or view the actual database directly on your PC with an optional desktop viewer app.

    Here's some screenshots...

    Here's the site...
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    So far I love Splash ID.. It's free with the Treo and the desktop version to synch with costs $9.99.

    The 3nity product looks nice but I can't tell much by the info screens.

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    I have used eWallet from Illium Software for 4-5 years. Updated annualy, very well supported, encrypted etc. Works both on the desktop and the palm device. Fair price.


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