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    Newbie Alert!! I have only been able to download software via the 600. Please give me elementary, step-by-step instructions as to how to load Palm software from my Windows XP computer to 600. Everytime I put the program in "add on" folder and unzip, it does not load. I am using WinZip and trying to load Backup Man.
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    You really need to glance at the manual.

    You want to install the software that came with your phone. In particular the Palm Desktop and Hotsync applications. Just go through the install on the CD and you'll get it all.

    Then unzip the application you want and double click on the PRC/PDB files you want to install and they will load up the Install Tool.

    Click Okay and Hotsync. The application will be installed on the default folder (generally Unfiled) on your 600.

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    Thanks for the reply Ken, and by the way, I had taken the opportunity to "glance" and peruse the manual. In my particular situation, what is prescribed by the manual does not work. It may have something to do with some orphan file from the previous 505 Palm software installed on my computer, Maybe a conflict--don't know, that why I thought I would ask if others experienced it too. Viva la Treo!

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