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    Since i keep hearing the rumors that there's no overnight shipment i called HS to reassure myself. I placed my order on the 16th and was told that @ the latest itll ship by thursday and YES THERE ABSOLUTLY IS OVERNIGHT SHIPPING so ill have it by friday.
    im drooling uh...anyone need a 300?
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    My order status FINALLY changed today. It's been at Order Received since the 17th and now it shows Credit Card Approved. I went to the crappy Sprint store up the road at lunch time today to get another look at the phone. It's going to be great! For what it's worth (not much), the guy at the Sprint store said the 600's are on nationwide backorder.
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    I seriousley cant deal with the stress of waiting for my treo 600. I ordered mines on Monday and check the status every hour it still hasnt changed from Ordered Received. I cant wait. Its driving me crazy.
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