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    How do I set up Business Connect to use the SprintPCS SMTP server??? I have tried setting up an IMAP account (my non-sprint e-mail account) within the BC setup screen and have tried leaving the SMTP server blank (reccomended setting) and setting it to with no luck?

    anyone have this working???
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    Abendx.... Is this something that you would normally have setup using a Web or desktop Email client to send and receive your email through a Sprint Account you have for email?
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    I can send and receive my Outlook mail, and receive my IMAP mail, but as others have noted, I can't send mail from my IMAP account because of SMTP failures I presume. Neither a blank server nor seems to work. Any advice is appreciated. I can and do use Snapper to access the same account but I'd like to be able to use BC's IMAP option.
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    I've had this error a few times and have talked to SPCS Tier2 help a few times. Strange fix, but it seems that re-registering the account listed with the BC client (About, then re-register) fixees the problem temporarily.

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