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    I'm currently testing both Visto (30day trial) and BC. Also, depending on the results the Blackberry may be gone for good. However, I am missing on nice feature on the Blackberry. The Blackberry allows you to file messages to your personal folders in Outlook. As most probably know, personal folders are the ones that reside on your pc hard drive in the Outlook directory tree. Does anyone know if there is a program that lets you save emails in personal folders? Does BC or Visto allow this? I'm sure I can't be the only one that wants to save the occasional email. Thanks
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    I would like to know the same
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    i would also like to know the same - this is very frustrating
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    current version of Sprint BC does not allow you to file messages into other Outlook folders ....... Sprint did announce that a new version would be ready for release by 7/31 but that date passed. I could only hope that this is an included feature as I still carry a BB along with my 600 because of this ......
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    I use Xpress Mail with Cingular which I understand also uses the SEVEN software. I have been told that filing to personal folders is not on the plan for anytime in the near future. I undstand the next releases will possibly allow contact/calendar/task sync.
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    I've used Visto for a long time, and it doesn't allow filing of mail from the inbox over to a personal folder. I do wish they had that. Based on the progress that SEVEN has made in their beta program, I'd bet on seeing this filing capability on SEVEN before Visto has it.

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