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    I talked to Handspring today and they stated the auto charger I purchased for my 300, they just found out on friday, might cause the 600 to loose all its data. The problem has to do with a fit difference. As of today they have a special auto charger for the T600. Looks like they found a way to increase the price by 30 dollars. Once again we pay for their design flaws.
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    Hi, if u go to HS's site they show how to tell if yoru charger is OK. I have two , one that came with phone when purchased from ebay (was a bonus) and I got a 2nd for my other car. As it turns out both are the OK kind.
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    Does anyone know if the type of VPA sold here at the TreoCentral Store is compatible with the Treo600? This is the one that come with the USB cable that can attach to the wall plug or a VPA.
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    ilovedessert, would you be kind enough to post the Handspring link for the page you mentioned? Thanks!

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