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    Well, I took the plunge and now have a SPCS Treo 600 on my desk. Still warming up to it but, so far not too much buyers remorse.

    The keyboard is indeed small however I haven't had too many problems yet and I've done a bit of typing already.

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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    The first time i used the keyboard I was disappointed as well. After a week or so, you get used to it and have no problems.
    You pay a couple hundred bucks so you can 'get used' to it? hmmm...
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    Whoever you are PurpleXhole, as much as PurpleX annoys with his/her lack of any perspective your posts while attempting humor are more annoying in their lack of civility and plain cruelty. I admit to having gotten so annoyed at PurpleX as to flame but I think you go beyond reason.

    As for the point of this thread...

    I'm not at the point where I'm thinking about another device as a main use item. I will pick up a Treo 600 GSM when it is released. I just don't see anything currently offered, soon to be offered, or rumored to be offered that has the price or feature set to compete with the Treo 600.

    If the XDA 2 is released in the US before I activate my Treo 600 I may get one of them and have it activated to get the discount. It depends on the discount offered. Right now the XDA is supposed to be 349 pounds or 400 Euros with contract so we'll see. I also am interested in fiddling with the MPx200 but only if someone other then AT&T offers it as I don't have the high 200kish salary required to be able to afford an AT&T data plan.

    The P900 is Symbian and Symbian repels me faster then 3 week old dead cat. I don't forsee a good future for Symbian.
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    Originally posted by Luzerman
    The P900 is Symbian and Symbian repels me faster then 3 week old dead cat. I don't forsee a good future for Symbian.
    it sounds like you're based in the UK from your comments (perhaps not) which would surprise me, as Symbian currently kicks the sh@t out of MS and Palm combined in the worldwide smartphone market. most europeans would say exactly what you've just said about palm.

    generally most people who make those comments tend to not have travelled outside of the US, where you see things like grandmothers in Helsinki airport banging out 60 words a minute on SMS, and london suits eagerly exploring every feature of their high end mobiles...

    cultural observations aside- the p800 (which i own, along with a mess of other "converged devices", like a blackberry 7230) runs UIQ, which is the interface on top of the Symbian OS, which some nerds developed over a two year period a Sony Ericsson development lab.

    what does this mean? well, first off, Symbian is a superior operating system to Palm OS- in terms of memory management, MULTI-THREADING, performance, device support, bluetooth, etc...

    ask anyone who develops software for a living- then try to open two apps at once on your treo and see what happens....

    secondly- because UIQ, for good or for bad, was developed specifically for the p800 form factor, theres none of this crap about the miracles of "5 way navigation", and "phone book integration", theres a five way jog dial that works like a charm, and the phone and phonebook and dialing integration is seamless.

    not to mention bluetooth, opera browser, 65k screen with more than twice the resolution, and obviously more features that have already been discussed in other threads...

    i'm not here to bash the treo- im getting one as soon as possible, but there have been more p800's sold that treo's worlwide, and its not even released officially in the US...I would call that a of many for Symbian...
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    I remember when the VisorPhone to Treo upgrade was offered at Handspring and I boc'ed at it. Only to learn later on that I cound not touch an unlocked treo (ie. having to sign a new contract) for anywhere near the price HS offered for the upgrade. I think the $399 price for the GSM version is fair for those who dont want to get into a new plan or provider. I sold the treo 180 for around $ $300 out of pocket and keeping my existing plan with not contact restrictions is probably the way I want to go... I don't think the upgrade from HS will last indefinately, my guess would be 3-4 weeks.
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