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    Has anyone else noticed that some of the changes in the address book seem to be a step back from the 300? I'm overall quite satisfied, but I don't understand why some of the programs seem to have removed features in this version of the Treo. For example, it used to be that when you began typing in the phone book, it first tried to lookup contacts, and then if nothing matched, then it automatically converted what you entered to numbers and dialed. Now, you have to choose whether you want the phone to look up contacts or start typing numbers when you enter on the keypad. I've also noticed that in a number of programs, it used to be that the Treo was set by default to start typing numbers - now, I always have to hit the option button twice to convert to numbers - this is particularly annoying in some of the games I use on my handheld - not serious. Has anyone else noticed any problems like this?
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    Dial by name is not intuitive but dial by number is for most mortals. Treo 600 has the dial by name feature as an option for power users like you.

    Go into Phone and then choose Options|Display Preferences. Drop the menu at Typing dials phone number and change it to Typing starts Contacts search.

    What areas did you notice the issue with the number (Option lock) not being set correctly? I have not noticed this as a problem. The option lock thing usually only works on built-in programs. Other applications are not aware of numeric locks.
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    Thanks for your response. I understand how it works now, but on the T300, if you started dialing by number, the treo would first try searching through contacts, and then convert to a number. This gave you the option of either dialing by number or by name from the main screen without having to first go into contacts to do a search by name. The T300 was smart enough to differentiate between dial by name and dial by number based on the data you entered. Now I have an extra step that I have to take - it is workable, but it is an extra step, and I don't think it is an improvement in the phone.

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