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    I've stored short WAV files on my SD cards. Is there any way or program to use these WAV files as voice mail alerts or SMS alerts? I've tried the WAValerts program and the Wavelet program but neither of them seem to do what I want. If anybody knows anything about this could you please let me know. Thanks.
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    Hello there,

    Kevin from Handspring here. I found a third-party application thatís supposed to be able to do this. I havenít tried it, nor have I heard anything about it. If you want to give it a try, be sure to post and let us know how it works. Good luck!

    wavAlarms 1.3.0

    Hope that helps,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    I tried this out in the past and it did not work.
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    I've used wavAlarm already. One thing I've noticed about it is that you can only use the wav files for SMS and text message alerts. I've only used the trial version so far but I don't think its worth purchasing just yet. I still can't get it to work for voice mail. Has anyone who used this or anything else gotten voice mail alerts working?
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    I've tried this myself. It seems to cause alot of soft resets (like when I would try to adjust the volume within the wavAlarms application). I did, however, eventually get it to import an play my own wave file.

    Notwithstanding, I can't get it to "trigger" the wave file from an event. I would specifically like it to trigger as a replacement for the Treo MIDI ringtones. Does anyone know if that is possible? What application would it have to be associated with? I tried the Phone application, but it didn't work...
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    Originally posted by bvinson
    I've used wavAlarm already. One thing I've noticed about it is that you can only use the wav files for SMS and text message alerts.
    bvinson, did you actually get it to work for the SMS application, or were you just using the generic "Attention Wave Sound" (which plays the same sound for all attention windows which pop up on the treo, no matter what the source (SMS, Calendar, etc.). If you did get it to work the SMS application specifically, what application did you attach the wav file to? There was no "SMS" application listed within wavAlarm, but there was a "Textor" application with the same icon as the SMS app. Attaching a wav file to that app didn't work for me though.

    So how did you get it to specifically work with the SMS application? What application did you attach the wav file to within wavAlarm?
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    I didn't get it to work specifically for SMS, I used the generic alarm setting. Which still didn't give me what I wanted because I wanted to use it for voicemail.
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    are you talking about using a midi tune to alert you that you have voice mail? I've been able to do that using midi tune downloaded from I did it through sound preferences.
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    I'm talking about using WAV for voicemail. I already know you can use MIDI files for voicemail.
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    what was the name of this thread? Geez man u should really read before posting

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