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    i love this thing already, but just like my last Treo, it will not hotsynch...There was a solution that I finally figured out from the handspring website (after pulling out the little hair that I have left) last time, but don't know if there is anyone else havng the same problem. Essentially I get a message telling me that i do not have the security privileges to install the hardware ("USB Synch Cord)

    Can anyone help?
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    You don't say what kind of computer you are trying to synch on. Is it your home computer with XP? or your office computer that may need your tech people to give you rights to?
    GO MARLINS!!!!
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    Whoops!!!! It is my work computer that is a Dell and runs on XP, but my tech guys have already given me every right that they ("Administrator") have...That is why we are confounded....
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    I'll bet that the admins have not really given you full access or they turn it off too soon.

    Make sure you install and do your first HotSync while you have the rights to enumerate a USB device and the rights to write to the registry file. Those are the two main 'danger' activities happening.
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    What is the deal? I had a Treo 300 and it was the first PDA I could sync with my Mac and never had a problem. Like the stupid and incomplete manual sz I sync up my 300 one more time and then plugged that beautiful 600 that I already love like a lost brother and the damn thing wouldn't sync. I noticed all the language about OS X compatibility - but why wont the new sexy 600 sync????????????

    Anyone have any suggestions for how I might get it to work???? Any Mac 9 users?


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