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    Hi, I've searched this forum looking for information on hotsync speed. There are a few threads where people have said it seems fast, or compared it to previous treos.

    Not having used a treo before (currently Palm Vx - S L O W serial sync) I would like to know if anyone can quantify how fast the sync is, kilobits or megabits per second.

    Perhaps one of you lucky owners would have the time to perform a simple test. Disable all syncing but installation of new files, and time a sync for installing a largish file (>1MB) to main memory, to calculate the transfer speed. (I guess you could time sync to a card as well, which might be interesting, but main memory would be fewer variables.)

    Anyone have the time to have a go at this?


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    Without having the time to time it for you, if your upgrading from a Palm Vx, I can tell you it is BLAZINGLY fast. So fast you will doubt it actually worked!!!!! You will check on it a few seconds after starting it, and you'll be looking at the hotsync screen again wondering if it actually happened! Of course, it also is dependent on how many conduits, etc. you have, but don't worry, you be pleasantly suprised.

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